If your business is not where you want it to be, and the economy is not doing well, because of the recession, corporate bankruptcy, or a serious problem with the company, this could be it!

Should you continue to trade and hope things will get better, then lower your prices and lower your margins, hoping that the cost-cutting will reduce the demand for your products? Is this necessary? Well maybe it is for some of “some” businesses, but the question arises as to whether or not, your business is a case of this.

What should you do

It is my opinion that in most if not all cases, it is. You as the business owner have been too trusting in the times of plenty, and the times of excess, and have been assuming that the business will be fine as usual, and in a few months, it will be fine as normal, and many owners or managers have accepted this, and have been living this belief and have not taken any action. As a result, the company, as a result of not taking action, or no action is taken, now has a serious problem.

Let me give you an example. My own construction company currently underbuilds offices and workshops we received both below-average sales and have a problem. Now if a business had a problem with sales, how do you do proactive action without the belief everything will work out in the end? You have been living this belief, and the problem has been there for over a year;

I have for the past twelve months, been selling offices and work at a different office site and space at a higher price with an increased size of the office, more and better office furniture, more and better landscaping. But these problems, cause more and more problems and costs more in construction, and use of more inventory to complete the work. In short, I have been drowned in collateral Damage.

I will be decreasing sales, and increasing my cost, working two jobs in the next 40 hours, and am not sure I will ever be able to make some sort of profit. I ask myself this question.” Can I continue to trade and hope this will just do this? Or do I get out now?” and the answer is obvious, “NO”!

I have been working to improve my companies practices by changing my companies method of operations, which has not worked. How would you feel if your company was drowning in Collateral Damage, and you did nothing to stop it?

There are many alternatives

If you do not take action now, your company will sink in less time than you can laugh it up. We are back at the beginning again, and you have to act now!

You spend almost your entire day looking forward to the upcoming weekend, holidays, travel social activities, spending time with family and the kids, and on a slow day with sales, looking forward to some ” relaxation and a good time” you get to your office’s office and business bank account and find out the bank account was cut by over 8% this year, and you cannot make it up in eagerness living the belief.

We have some choices and no alternatives. Which choice would you prefer?

Then a week goes by while you are not able to sleep, because of the negative dark feelings in your head, you start engaging in activities which are not productive, a whole month will go by while you are worried. And in the end, you financially have had enough and proceed to sell your business assets. You are not able to make it up in the new year, and you have to live with the loss.

Or, are you ready to take action and take one of these steps?

You have to take action today!

On the pain of Plus on your feelings, “one day” would be your best bet. You have to take action to reverse the “PLUS on your feelings” scenario. The way is the best, but it will take time, and you better have to save your money for some or you will not have what you want to have! So take action today and have a plan of action on how to get to where you want in the next week to two months, or until you reached your goal, and stay with it, but set up monthly and weekly goals, doing more than just what you were doing last year.

This will not pay off at the end of the year, the gift of is, but you have to be prepared to continue the positive beliefs in times of scarcity, as you will be here again, and the time it takes to do the plan. The rewards are more than you can imagine, but also staying with the plan will quickly benefit is “CHANGE your life”, and you have to know what you want, plan your activity, and do whatever you can.